FPGA Design Services



NorthBridge Technology has over 120 man years of FPGA design experience, distributed across numerous sectors of the electronics industry. Our engineers have successfully completed over 1100 different FPGA design with over 400 customers. We have been involved with FPGAs since their inception and have been actively involved in every step along the way.

In short, we understand the technology, the strengths and the limitations. We infuse our designs with this expertise, and this enables us to deliver to you, our customers, the best solution for your requirements.


  •  Turnkey Designs

  •  Module Blocks

  •  IP Selection / Integration / Modification

  •  TestBench Design

  •  Embedded Processor Integration 

  •  Custom DSP Algorithms

Planning and Architecture
  •   Design Specification

  •   Test Specification

  •   Feasibility Studies

  •   Design Reviews

  •   Technology selection

  • VHDL

  • Verilog

  • System Verilog

  • System C

Synthesis Tools
  • Synplify

  • Precision

  • All major FPGA Vendor Toolsets

Analysis Optimization 
  • Functional and Timing Simulation

  • Performance Optimization

  • Floorplanning

  • Verification

  • Porting to the hardware

  • Physical Debug, Test and support

Simulation Tools 
  • Modelsim

  • Active HDL

Place and Route
  • All major FPGA Vendor Toolsets