Board and System Design Services



Engineering projects today require an unprecedented diversity of experience and skill. Budget, manpower constraints, and tight schedules challenge even the most talented engineering professionals.

In response, has assembled a team of highly skilled engineering talent with broad industry experience. Our core design group has had in excess of 1100 design engagements with over 400 customers globally. This experience allows us to offer instant expertise in all phases of the design cycle. Drawing upon over 120 years plus of engineering experience,we seamlessly deliver an unparalleled product, with the highest attention to detail, all the while focused on your success.

Design Examples


Hardware Design
  • Turnkey Designs
  • Digital/Analogue design
  • High Speed ADC/DAC design
  • Video design
  • Embedded Processor design
  • Integrated FPGA/Board design
Planning and Architecture
  • Design Specification

  • Test Specification

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Design Reviews

  • Technology selection

Prototype Manufacture
  • Component Procurement

  • Prototype production

Embeded Firmware 
  • OS Porting

  • BSP development

  • Hardware test routines

  • Low level application support

  • Test and Verification

  • FPGA Integration

  • Firmware Integration

PCB Layout 
  • High speed/High density layout

  • Allegro or PADS